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Bill Chamberlain, Anthony Go, Dru Lockwood

Bill Chamberlain, Anthony Go, Dru Lockwood

The Magnificent Mr. Vincent

A play in two acts

Janet Casamento, Dru Lockwood

Janet Casamento, Dru Lockwood

This started as a short one man play and then expanded into a full length two act play with four actors.  It reflects a lot of angst I was feeling in my early twenties (ah, youth!).  I look back on it now with fondness and curiosity.  But hey, it's still a good play (I think).  

As it started as a one man play, the play still contains a lot of direct audience address, which they tell you in playwriting school is bad, bad, bad.  But I kept it in because I believe the journey of the play is not only in the story he tells, but more importantly in the narrator during the time he tells the story to the audience. 

The Magnificent Mr. Vincent was produced in 2005 by Cuchipinoy Productions.  It was directed by Mario Corrales and featured Dru Lockwood, Anthony Go, Bill Chamberlain, and Janet Casamento.


Sam: Male, twenties.
Mike (and others):  Male, twenties
Jack (and others):  Male, twenties
Judy (and others):  Female, twenties

Set Requirements
Action moves very quickly so the set needs to be very fluid.  Various locations include Sam's apartment, his office, a diner, a park bench, Sam's other apartment, his other office, and a bar.


Sam has just graduated from college, but his dreams are much bigger than a regular desk job.  His band, The Pedestrians, is about to take off and he will settle for nothing less than superstardom.  However, time happens, and Jack marries his sweetheart Judy, and suddenly routine sets in, with Sam and Mike going to the movies every week, and Sam gets involved with his day job.  What happens to Sam when his big dreams die a slow death and he hurtles headfirst into banality?  


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